Frustrated Sport-stars

“I am recovering from a sports injury or from surgery. I want a customised Rehab and Exercise Programme that will get me back to the top of my game as quickly as possible”

Where you are right now

You are recovering from a sports injury or from surgery. It is going well but you feel you are ready to move your rehab onto the next stage. You know you are ready to start but you are not sure where to begin. Or you may feel you need a bit of specialist help to speed up your recovery as you don’t feel it’s going as quickly as it should or you would like it to!

What your issues tend to be

Before your surgery or your sports injury you either enjoyed playing at a good level of sport or regular physical exercise and you are keen to return to it. You are keen and committed to your recovery but you know you need it to be gradual and specific to your sporting or physical activities. You may be worried about ‘overdoing it’ and setting your recovery back.

What you need help with right now

You want a rehab programme that is tailored specifically to your recovery and sporting ability and needs. You may want the rehab programme to consider each element of your biomechanical and movement requirements for your sport or hobby. You would like to have the option to use visual feedback tools, such as video analysis, regular reviews and exercise progression to maximise your recovery.

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