Running Assessment with Video Analysis


  • Are you unable to run because of pain?
  • Not performing as well as you would like because of niggling Achilles tendon, ankle, knee or hip pain?
  • Would you like to know how your running style is affecting your pain or performance?

Our unique specialist running movement analysis using video technology, combined with individually tailored running specific rehab exercises is designed to optimise your running style to reduce pain, prevent injury and increase performance.

So what does it involve?

videoWe use video to analyse your running style/technique – we are able to use slow motion to look at each stage of the running to look at hip/knee/foot alignment, how you land & push off, what is happening to your upper body & arm swing.

We then perform a series of movement tests to identify whether its how you land & support your weight on each leg or how you ‘propel’ yourself along that needs to be improved. The tests help us identify which running specific exercises we need to teach you to improve your overall technique. The assessment generally lasts an hour and 30 minutes and you will need to bring your normal running kit.

Generally, you will then spend 4-6 weeks doing the exercises before we see you again for a review (video again if needed) & progress your exercises. Some individuals may need a third review.

Because we are working to improve your running ‘habits’ the exercises are designed to help improve your running technique for good not just while you practice the exercises!

Here’s what some of our patients have to say about our running assessment service:-

david_atkinsonI have become a keen runner, so it was really perplexing when I began to develop knee pain that would kick in only 2-3km into my run. I was told by another health professional that it was an ‘IT Band’ problem, but I wasn’t sure so I thought I would seek a second opinion.

I turned to Meadowhead Physiotherapy as they had experience in rehabbing people with sports related injuries.

The assessment was very thorough and Jenny quickly discounted the ‘IT Band’ theory after a number of tests. The assessment included a video analysis of my running. Jenny was able to demonstrate to me how my body position wasn’t balanced and I wasn’t ‘using my hip muscles’ as I should be. After some hands on treatment, Jenny prescribed some specific running rehab exercises to help trigger muscles which weren’t working properly.

After just three treatments, my running has been transformed! I am back to running 50km a week, pain free! What’s more, whenever I begin to feel a twinge, I can hear in my mind Jenny saying “straighten your trunk…and use those hip muscles” and it just reminds me to concentrate on my running style and the pain goes away. Magic!
It’s been a fantastic turnaround for me and I would recommend this service to any serious runner.
- David Atkinson

kim_careyI had been enjoying running and regularly did the Graves Park 5k run. One day, straight after the run I was in real pain around my Achilles. I could barely walk and there was no way I could run. I thought it would go away, but it never really got completely better.

I noticed Meadowhead Physiotherapy in the local Active 8 magazine so thought I would see what they could do for me. Ultimately, I just wanted to get back to running again as I was really missing it.

I saw Jenny for an assessment. She wanted to see my running style to see what impact that might have had on my injury. I have to confess I was a little perturbed running up and down the street during rush hour with Jenny videoing me, but I just kept focused on my goal of getting better. Besides, Jenny was very positive and encouraging.

When we reviewed the results together, Jenny showed me how I wasn’t ‘balanced’ when running and that my weight wasn’t being evenly applied and this was adding pressure to my problem Achilles. Also my head was leaning to one side, something I had no idea I was doing and it was very interesting and helpful to see. Jenny gave me various exercises to do and some pointers on how to change my posture when running, which I put into practice.

The result was that my symptoms improved rapidly and now I can run without pain. I now attend a boot camp three times a week which I really enjoy and I’m the fittest I’ve been in a long time.

Jenny was friendly and approachable, always professional and she is undoubtedly very knowledgeable within her field. I thank her for the confidence she has given me and I would definitely recommend her.
- Kim Carey