Success Stories

My therapist Emma is brilliant

Lynn Boot

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in September 2016. After attending the Arthritis Workshop which was extremely enlightening I booked to have a massage with Emma to see whether she could give me some relief from the now daily pain I was experiencing in my upper back and neck.

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Running is back to being fun again rather than a slog against myself

After nagging hip pain had started to take the fun out of running and then limping across the line of a 10k race, Zoe Davis realised something had to be done. She turned to Jenny for help with her running and is now feeling stronger, more confident and looking forward to a summer of long distance racing. (March 2017)

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I am back walking and doing most everyday activities

After making little progress with her treatment under the NHS, Jean Coulson turned to Meadowhead Physiotherapy to see if a second opinion would help. (February 2017)

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She gave me ‘permission’ to run again!

Not wanting to accept that she had to stop running due to her knee pain, Jackie Boon took advice from Jenny and can now run 8.5k virtually pain free (February 2017)

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I am delighted with the treatment I have received

Janet-WainwrightHaving been told by her surgeon that her rotator cuff injury couldn’t be repaired, Janet Wainwright turned to physio to see if it might help with her pain and movement (February 2017)

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It’s been brilliant working with Jenny


Sam Iliffe had some major races coming up and niggling groin pain was getting in the way of her preparations, so she turned to Meadowhead Physio for help. (January 2017)

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I was delighted with the results!

glenys-beaumontWhen former client Glenys Beaumont was struck down with terrible back ache that was preventing her from doing the things she loved such as gardening and walking, she turned to Jenny (January 2017)

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At the start of the year, I couldn’t even do 3 km without my knee being an absolute mess

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 15.43.08When Mark Gittins wanted help preparing for an Ultra Marathon and Transpennine bike ride for a charitable cause, he turned to Jenny to help him run without pain again. (September 2016)

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The physio was very passionate and knowledgeable about their subject which is very infectious and gives you a great deal of confidence in the treatment.

Peta Pinnock

Peta Pinnock was really struggling with her marathon training. Her knees felt strange as if they wouldn’t hold her and she was finding it difficult to keep running.  Unprepared to call time on her running, she sought the advice of Meadowhead Physiotherapy who analysed her running style. (January 2016)

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I can now enjoy walking and gardening, which I love to do!

Success story - Margaret KleinMargaret Klein had pain in her hip that was making it difficult to walk, sleep properly and stopping her from doing the things she loved to do, like gardening.  She was nervous about treatment in case in was too difficult or too painful, but Jenny’s reassurance and encouragement helped her through.  (December 2015)

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The long and short of it, I can run again!!

Success Story - Martin Usher

Pain was making Martin Usher fearful of running, worried that he might do more harm than good. His ‘physio journey’ had it’s ups and downs, but he kept faith with the process and now he is back to running with a new found awareness of how to manage his running style to keep the pain away.  (November 2015)

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I was beginning to think I would have to give up my job!

Success Story - Sally TruemanSally Trueman’s job involved long hours in the car and was causing chronic lower back pain.  After seeing other therapists without success, she was beginning to worry whether she could carry on with the job. That was before she met Jenny! (October 2015)

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Jenny made my life much simpler

Success story - Lisa Read

While in training for the London Marathon, Lisa Read was experiencing intense pain during running and she had serious doubts whether she would be able to take part. In an attempt to resolve the problem sufficiently enough to be able to make the start, she turned to Jenny (June 2015)

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I can do most things without pain now

Pat DaleyPat Daley couldn’t move his shoulder and the pain was preventing him from getting a good night’s sleep. Now he can do most things pain free and at last, he can look forward to getting an undisturbed night’s sleep (August 2015)

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She knows when a part of my body needs work!

Barbara Johnson

Barbara Johnson was carrying a lot of tension in her back and was looking for a well trained masseur to help relieve her symptoms. In Rachael she found an expert in her field that has helped her feel more relaxed and better able to cope with the rigours of everyday life. (June 2015)

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I am doing things I haven’t done for years!

Success story - Pat BennehanWhilst waiting for a consultant appointment, Pat Bennehan decided to see whether physio might help give some relief. Whilst sceptical at first, she found that treatment was really effective and she is now doing things she hasn’t been able to do for years! (May 2015)

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Jenny’s treatment made me reach my dream!

sue-gouldingAfter being told she had a “major injury from which she would never recover” and faced with the prospect of never getting back to swimming or golf, Sue Goulding sought out a physiotherapist who specialised in shoulder injuries. And that physio was Jenny. (May 2015)

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To my amazement, it worked!

Joanne-PearsonAfter 8 months suffering with sciatica, unable to work and struggling to walk, Joanne Pearson found that acupuncture was the thing that helped her turn a corner and get back to relative normality. (April 2015)

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The treatment has been very effective

barabara_cawthorne220Barabara Cawthorne came to Jenny when she developed a stiff neck that caused her to have severe pins & needles down both arms and made her hands feel numb. (March 2015)

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I feel I have got my confidence back

sally_freemanSally Freeman believed she was suffering from an Achilles injury which was preventing her from pursuing her running. However, in reality it was her running style that was the problem.  (March 2015)

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I still can’t quite believe it

john_sharmanJohn Sharman was taken aback that in only four sessions Richard was able to do what other therapists had failed to achieve in over eight months of treatment.

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She’s a miracle worker

louise_laver220When Louise Laver suffered a stroke which left her unable to walk or push her pram without pain, there was only one person she knew would have the answer.

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Jenny has given me my hobby back

stephen_booth220Keen angler Stephen Booth has been able to return to his pastime after years of debilitating neck and shoulder pain

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I never ever thought anything would help my back, I’ve had it for so long

maureen_rawlingMaureen Rawling had been living with a back problem for so long, she thought that nothing more could be done. But when a friend recommended Jenny she thought she would give it a try. And now she has revived her passion for gardening!

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I quickly had confidence that the new diagnosis was correct!

andy-brightmoreAfter a year of ankle problems and numerous attempts to sort the problem without success, Andy Brightmore found a different approach by the team at Meadowhead Physio brought rapid results and allowed him to get back to running in his favourite events.

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I could not be more grateful for the pleasure in living that I have now and Jayne has given me that.

linda-shipleyAfter several years of severe joint pain that made it difficult to move, let alone exercise, Linda Shipley not only found treatment that helped, but also the motivation and encouragement to change her life to be the best that she could be.

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Jenny Solved What Had Baffled Everyone Else

nicola-hartleyWhen Nicola Hartley developed calf pain after running she turned to a number of different therapists, but only Jenny got the cause of the problem.

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I could not believe how much relief I got from a simple massage

peter-memmottPeter Memmott explains how massage treatment from Rachael was a revelation and how regular sports massage is now keeping him playing at the top of his game.

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I can now enjoy my walking once more

ian-gardenerWhen Ian Gardener started to struggle to keep up with his wife when they were out walking, he knew it was time to get help!

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Jayne gave me the confidence that something could be done

michael-pearsonMichael Pearson was suffering from a stiff back which was radiating pain into his hips and legs. Pain killers weren’t working and other treatments had had little success. Desperate to alleviate the pain, Michael saw an advert for our Free Consultation and thought he would ask whether there was anything we could do to help.

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I left feeling so positive about the future

sue-ridgewayAfter previous physio treatment hadn’t worked and dismayed at how many pain killers she was having to take, Sue Ridgeway sought the advice of Jenny to see what if anything could be done. She left the Free Consultation feeling so much more positive about the future.

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Jenny gave me back a normal life!

pat-dickensAfter breaking her leg really badly and having to wear a full leg brace for weeks, Pat Dickens needed Jenny’s help to get her leg bending again.

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I would highly recommend them

barbara-wallaceBarbara Wallace tells how Jenny helped her recover from a badly sprained ankle and how in only four treatments she was virtually as good as new!

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I thank her for the confidence she has given me

kim-careyKim Carey really enjoyed her running until a niggling Achilles problem became so bad she could hardly walk, let alone run. With Jenny’s help, she is now back to running pain free.

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I would recommend this service to any serious runner

david-atkinsonDavid Atkinson took advantage of Jenny’s video running rehab package to help him overcome his knee pain which was preventing him from running any more than 3km. Now he’s back to 50km per week pain free and enjoying his running again, now that he’s modified his running style with Jenny’s advice.

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I had been living with it for so long I thought I was stuck with it

judith-watkinsonJudith Watkinson sought Jenny’s help after she broke her arm in a bad fall on holiday. Not only did she help her recover from her wrist injury, but helped her regain the full use of her shoulder, which had been bothering her for years. Now she doesn’t struggle with the housework as she used to and can carry shopping without pain.

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 I was amazed that after my fist session there was a significant improvement

Chris Success

Chris had been struggling with sciatica and after GP prescribed exercises weren’t helping, Chris sought Jenny’s help.

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 The process of working with a therapist has given me the confidence to start moving more


Gemma Had been struggling with a bad back after a period of illness which had stopped her from enjoying her love of running. She is now back to running and feels confident in her sport.

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I have gone from not running at all due to a fear of injury to regularly running 30 minutes or more 3 times a week.

ankle_anatomy_nerves01Marion McCabe Had suffered with ankle problems after running and was reluctant to go back to the sport, with Jayne’s help shes now on her way to reaching her target of 10km.

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I’m pain free!!

Rachael Wastenidge

Rachael, prior to attending physio was worried that the pain she felt whilst sitting would be some thing she had to ‘suffer with’ forever.


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Rosa has been brilliant!

Hip muscles pic

Caroline had pain and stiffness with reduced movement in her hip for years but with Rosa’s help Caroline has been able to return to her normal routine.


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My therapist was really good!

Sarah Moran had torn a ligament in her wrist whilst climbing. It had become very painful and was affecting her ability to climb, now she’s able to climb pain free! pronation_supination


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Jenny listened and advised and supported me, I felt reassured.


Christine had experienced constant pain before attending the clinic due to whiplash from an accident. However after attending Meadowhead Physio for one month, Christine felt really positive about her future health, both mentally and physically.


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Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results may vary.