I quickly had confidence that the new diagnosis was correct!

andy_brightmoreI was experiencing considerable ankle pain while running, resulting in frequent breaks in training, low mileage, no consistency and missing my favourite races. This had been going on for twelve months or more, with numerous attempts to solve the problem.

I was beginning to wonder if it could ever be sorted after so long and even considered stopping running. I feared I might be wasting my time trying to keep running.

But not willing to give in completely, I booked in for an assessment with Jenny as I had heard good things from a friend. I noticed a different approach straight away – videoing my running to analyse the running action, removing the orthotics I had been using and heavily focusing on balance, body position and foot position. It was a very quick diagnosis which differed to previous ones I had received elsewhere, but I quickly had confidence that the new diagnosis was correct.

Gains were made very quickly and I was training properly again before very long. As a result, I was able to take part in this years Ben Nevis Race, my favourite race which I had missed last year due to the ankle problem. I also had a trip to Skye for two long days scrambling and climbing on the Cuillin Ridge which would not have been possible before.

Andy Brightmore




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