I would highly recommend them

barbara_wallace_140wide_(1)In February of this year I was on holiday in Spain and I badly sprained my ankle. As soon as I returned to the UK, I saw my doctor and they sent me to have an x-ray. Fortunately there was no sign of a break, but the doctors said it was likely there was some muscle and soft-tissue damage. They recommended that I elevate my foot and rest. However, after six weeks there was little sign of improvement. I couldn’t walk, let alone dance or go the gym as I would normally do. It was obvious I would need some physio but I couldn’t bear the thought of waiting for the NHS for treatment. I just wanted my life back! My husband had seen Jenny before and had been pleased with his treatment, so suggested I gave her a call.

Jenny was really friendly and accommodating. During the first session she “manipulated” my ankle and gave me some foot and ankle mobilisation exercises to do at home. I would say straight away my ankle felt 60% better. After my second visit and some more “hands on” treatment I was given some more challenging exercises to do which I was able to do in the swimming pool. By the third session I was able to do some treadmill exercises in the gym and after the fourth session (my last one) I was virtually back to normal. I’m now back to running, cycling and dancing with only very occasional discomfort when I over-do things a little.

Meadowhead Physiotherapy and Jenny in particular have been brilliant and I would highly recommend them.

Barbara Wallace
April 2014



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