I would recommend this service to any serious runner

david_atkinson_150wideI have become a keen runner, so it was really perplexing when I began to develop knee pain that would kick in only 2-3km into my run. I was told by another health professional that it was an ‘IT Band’ problem, but I wasn’t sure so I thought I would seek a second opinion. I turned to Meadowhead Physiotherapy as they had experience in rehabbing people with sports related injuries.

The assessment was very thorough and Jenny quickly discounted the ‘IT Band’ theory after a number of tests. The assessment included a video analysis of my running. Jenny was able to demonstrate to me how my body position wasn’t balanced and I wasn’t ‘driving through my hip’ as I should be. After some hands on treatment, Jenny prescribed some specific running rehab exercises to help trigger muscles which weren’t working properly. After just three treatments, my running has been transformed! I am back to running 50km a week, pain free! What’s more, whenever I begin to feel a twinge, I can hear in my mind Jenny saying “straighten your back…drive through your hips” and it just reminds me to concentrate on my running style and the pain goes away. Magic!

It’s been a fantastic turnaround for me and I would recommend this service to any serious runner.

David Atkinson

March 2014



Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results may vary.