I can now enjoy my walking once more

ian_gardener_150I developed pain in my right leg that was making walking difficult. I put up with it for about 12 weeks, thinking that it would go of its own accord. I have always been a keen walker, so when I started finding it difficult to keep up with my wife on our regular walks, I realised I needed help.

I initially thought that it must be my knee that was the problem, but Jenny diagnosed a trapped nerve in my back that was sending pain into my leg. Jenny had successfully treated me previously for plantar fasciitis, so I had confidence in her diagnosis and treatment began on releasing the nerve in my back.

Within one week of treatment I saw a big improvement in my symptoms. After 3 treatments, it was completely gone! I think one of the main thing I learned was the relationship between different parts of the body which continues to help me. I am so glad I didn’t leave it any longer and sought treatment when I did as I can now enjoy my walking once more.

Ian Gardener



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