“Jayne was very helpful and explained everything so well”

kneeI had a sudden pain in my knee and the front of my leg every time i moved i would get a sharp shooting pain up the front of my leg even waking me at night having to shoot out of bed the pain was so bad. Walking was painful and as i spend most of the day on my feet at work i need to get it sorted out. I was worried which treatment would work? if any however Jayne was very helpful and explained every thing well so i understood why and what was causing the pain. She worked out which exercises i need and showed me how to do them correctly as to not cause further injury and along side the exercises having a massage from Emma helped greatly as well. Together both sets of treatment have made a big difference. I can now go running which i could not do before cause of the pain i can go out hiking with out having to stop due to pain. If i do get any pain i know what to do to reduce it i still do my exercises.


Jane, November 2018


Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results may vary.