Jean Coulson

I am back walking and doing most everyday activities

jean-coulsonI had been experiencing extreme pain in my lower back, made worse by exercises I had been given by NHS physios. I felt that I wasn’t making any¬†improvement.

I sought out Meadowhead Physio after seeing one of their articles in a local magazine. I did have some reservations, wondering whether these new physios would you be able to help me and how effective the treatment would be.

My experience was very good. Yes, I was given exercises to do but they were more appropriate for me this time.

I am back walking and doing most everyday activities, which I was loathe to try before as I didn’t want to aggravate my back. Pain is greatly reduced and I am not taking pain medication apart from occasional paracetamol, which is more for general aches rather than pain.

I have signed on for further massage treatment with Emma just to keep my back nice and supple.

Jean Coulson



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