Joanne Pearson

To my amazement, it worked!

Success Story - Joanne Pearson

I had been suffering from sciatica for 8 months on and off. This time I was off work not able to walk very well in a lot of pain and experiencing numbness.

I was on painkillers from the doctors but I didn’t feel that was enough. I decided physiotherapy was the way forward. I have had physiotherapy before when I had a leg injury so I know how it worked for me then.

Jenny put me on an exercise program which I stuck to. I did feel improvements but things still didn’t feel right. I had a few sessions of acupuncture and to my amazement it worked! I was then able to continue with my exercises whilst having the acupuncture. Jenny always made me feel at ease. She is very caring and friendly as are the rest of the team there.

I have no pain now. I have kept up some of the exercises which I think will help me in the future. It has been a long journey but has been worth it.

Joanne Pearson
April 2015



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