I still can’t quite believe it

john_sharmanI had intermittent ankle pain when walking and later driving. It would come and go when least expected and made walking away from the car or using public transport a trial. X rays and ultrasound scans had provided no evidence of the cause.

After 10 months of tests and NHS physio treatment and no nearer to a solution I was unsure what else could be done. Walk with a stick and limp I suppose!

Then I met Richard at Meadowhead Physiotherapy. Within the first 50 minutes I was confident that someone was taking a real interest and had begun proper therapeutic treatment.

I would not have believed that the results would be so dramatic in such a short space of time (4 sessions). I now walk without a stick and without pain. It’s like walking on air!

John Sharman



Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results may vary.