I had been living with it for so long I thought I was stuck with it

judith_watkinson_150wideWhilst on holiday I had a bad fall and broke my arm and wrist. My GP advised me that I would need a course of physiotherapy to help regain full mobility, but the NHS waiting time for physio was so long I decided I couldn’t wait and so the GP then recommended Jenny’s clinic.

I saw Jenny for my wrist and she soon sorted this out, but whilst I was having treatment I mentioned my problem shoulder. This had been bothering me for years and had I think been made worse by the fall. It made normal movements such as reaching up or doing housework really difficult and painful. I had been living with it for so long I thought I was stuck with it. However, Jenny had other ideas.

She treated me with acupuncture and then prescribed some specific exercises to “change my movement patterns” so she said. At first, the improvement was slow, so Jenny changed the exercises and now I was religiously doing a simple set of exercises three times a day, pressing down onto a cushion of all things whilst relaxing my shoulders. The change was almost miraculous! Within two weeks the pain I had lived with for years had virtually disappeared. I couldn’t quite believe it. I can now do housework and carry shopping without pain.

I have nothing but praise for Jenny and the practice. I would recommend Jenny to anyone.

Judith Watkinson
April 2014



Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results may vary.