I could not be more grateful for the pleasure in living that I have now and Jayne has given me that.

linda_shipleyI had been on medicines for a condition for several years which caused severe joint pains for a long period, resulting in my moving as little as possible and resorting to comfort eating. Stopping the drugs lessened the pain but I was left overweight, very unfit, extremely stiff and arthritic. I was miserable and hopeless.

I thought I was too old to expect that much could be done and thought in fact that maybe nothing could be done and I would just get worse over the remainder of my life. I emailed Jenny to ask if she thought it was worth coming for assessment and would not have been surprised if she had said no. Thank goodness she didn’t.

I started treatment with one of Jenny’s colleagues, Jayne, and she has been incredible. From the first assessment that I had with her, I started to believe that my situation could be drastically improved. She showed me that a few repetitions of some simple exercises could make a huge difference to my ability to move. Her warmth,friendliness and encouragement together with her enormous skill in knowing exactly what would work has transformed my life to an incredible extent.

I could not go for country walks – now I can walk a good long way with my husband and really enjoy our glorious Peak District scenery. I have lost some weight through the encouragement to exercise and to eat more carefully. I can swim again after building up from just walking in the shallow end of the swimming pool. The freedom of movement I now have in the pool is exhilarating. Best of all perhaps is that improvement in mood from feeling so well and being able to move freely again, free from pain. I now know I will get even better just by keeping on following the advice I have been given.

I could not be more grateful for the pleasure in living that I have now and Jayne has given me that!

Linda Shipley



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