Lisa Read

Listening to Jenny made my life much simpler

Lisa-read“I was training for the London marathon and suffering with sharp knee pain which came on within 4 miles of running and didn’t go away until I stopped. I was very worried about my training and actually completing the distance on the day. I had bumped into Jenny at a networking event and thought what did I have to lose. My only reservation was that it might not work or the treatment would be painful, but neither of these turned out to be the case.

My experience was very positive. I had been feeling confused by conflicting advice from well meaning friends and fellow runners, but listening to Jenny made my life much simpler! I stuck to the programme she gave me to do at home and found that I was able to run increasingly further with no pain.

Come the day of the marathon I completed the distance with no knee pain whatsoever. That seemed like an impossible dream just a few weeks earlier. I now enjoy running again and I also feel a lot stronger in my legs.”

Lisa Read
June 2015



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