Margaret Klein

I can now enjoy walking and gardening, which I love to do!

Margaret-KleinPain on my left hip was troubling me, especially when sleeping, but also when walking. I wasn’t able to walk smoothly regarding hip movement. I also had pain in my leg and knee when walking, as I wasn’t able to move my hip properly. I was using heat pain relief creams on my hip and thighs, but to no avail.

I thought this was age related and the menopause and just never thought about seeking advice from a professional physio. I was nervous about the treatment in case the exercises were too hard and painful for me to do.

Jenny was reassuring and of great encouragement to me. The exercises have given me confidence to walk properly and I have the peace of mind that I do not have a serious medical condition. The exercises, which are so relaxing I do at home. I have my music on the radio to make them more enjoyable.

I can now walk forever without having to keep stopping for a sit down. I can sleep again on my left side without being woken by the pain.  The excercises have also toned my body and have made my stomach muscles stronger, so that when semi bending doing gardening, my muscles do not ache anymore and I can now enjoy walking and gardening, which I love to do.

Margaret Klein

December 2015




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