Jenny Solved What Had Baffled Everyone Else

nicola_hartley220I love to run but for many months I had been getting a niggling pain in my right calf after running and I couldn’t understand why. I saw a number of physios who treated my symptoms but the pain kept coming back. I turned to Jenny to see if she could offer anything else as I read that the clinic was big into helping runners.

Jenny videod me running and showed me the results. What was clear on the video when Jenny played it in slow motion was that my right foot was landing heavily on the outside of the foot. This was borne out by my trainer which was becoming worn on the right side. Jenny thought that this had probably originated after a hamstring injury and that I was involuntarily compensating for it.

Jenny gave me specific exercises to retrain me and to switch on muscles that weren’t working properly. The result is I no longer get pain after running. Before, I would run 20km off road and then be in pain for 2-3 days, but now I have no pain and I could run the next day. Brilliant.

Nicola Hartley



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