Jenny gave me back a normal life!

pat_dickens_150w“I came to Jenny for rehabilitation after I broke my leg. I was out walking the dog in Longshaw in the snow when I slipped and fell down a bankside. I broke my leg really badly and need an operation to pin my leg. Afterwards I was in a Cricketers brace for a while and then a full leg brace. I wasn’t allowed (or even able) to bend my leg or even weight-bear on it for months. So when I finally had the brace removed as you can imagine I could hardly bend my leg at all. I received weeks of physio at the Hallamshire Hospital and I got some movement back but I was still really struggling. Then someone suggested seeing if Jenny could help get me that bit further.

Jenny was fantastic and has made all the difference. I can now bend my leg so much better. I am now back walking with the walking group and walking down the stairs much better too. I would really like to thank her for all the care she has given me, helping me to get back to a near normal life. Thanks again.”

Pat Dickens



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