I could not believe how much relief I got from a simple massage

peter_memmott_220I have had problems with my shoulder on and off for a while. I have quite a physical job and I also play badminton every week, which I really enjoy. Having had some physio treatment from Jenny, she recommended that I have some massage from Rachael (the resident massage therapist) to help reduce the tightness in my shoulder between treatments.

I was a little bit sceptical how much benefit I would get from this but I booked in for a half hour sports massage with Rachael all the same. As soon as the treatment started, Rachael homed in on lesions in my shoulder that needed releasing as these were the main cause of the tightness I was experiencing. Afterwards I was a little bit sore at the time and it wasn’t immediately apparent how much easier my shoulder felt, but the day after was a revelation. My shoulder felt amazing – as good as it’s been a long while. In fact to say I was flabbergasted would be an accurate description. I could not believe how much relief I had got from just a simple massage.

Now I have a regular weekly sports massage with Rachael prior to my badminton and it keeps playing at the top of my game.

Peter Memmott



Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results may vary.