I feel I have got my confidence back

sally_freemanI had what I thought was an Achilles injury which was causing me to limp at worst and certainly lack the ability to run at best.

I was really anxious to know if this was going to be a long term injury as I wanted to get back to running, as I had been away from running for a while and was building up to running for an hour.

I had a really thorough assessment with Jen, who even took a video of my running gait (very frightening). Jen pointed out many things, which I hadn’t considered including my stiff upper body, and gave me the great news that I had a calf strain and not an Achilles injury! Jen gave me some very effective deep tissue massage and a range of exercises that I could do at home following my initial consultation. Following my second appointment I was allowed to run again, and also do some exercises at the gym, which really worked including using the balance, or as I prefer to call them, wobble boards.

I feel I have got my confidence back in my own ability to run without discomfort. I do my exercises as Jen taught me as I can really feel the benefit of doing them, and I now have a routine at the gym that encourages my core strength and mobility. I also had a really good chat and laugh with Jen, which was a bonus I really wasn’t expecting. The whole staff at the clinic are lovely including Stacey on reception.

Sally Freeman
March 2015



Disclaimer: Everyone is unique and results may vary.