Sue Goulding

Jenny’s treatment made me reach my dream!


My left shoulder was immobilised completely in a sling following a dislocation and accompanying fracture. Any movement at all was painful especially in the first few weeks. I was worried that I would not be able to resume playing golf or swimming both of which I love because of the severity of my injury. I was offered no advice from the hospital and informed that it was a “major injury from which I would never recover” when I asked what were my prospects of playing golf when the injury had healed. I was seeking a physiotherapist who specialised in shoulder injuries and I am so pleased that Jenny was that person.

Given the pessimistic medical opinion about the chances of any type of recovery to normal shoulder mobility let alone a resumption of playing ability of any description, I was determined to recover and refused to accept the medical prognosis. I was very relieved that Jenny was confident in my capacity to heal from this nasty injury with the appropriate treatment and exercises from her.

It was been very reassuring. Jenny’s competence and knowledge in dealing with every stage of my recovery has been second to none. She has guided my gradual re introduction into swimming in a way that has not compromised my treatment. She informed when I was ready to begin playing golf once more and which type of movements I should use. I also learnt from Jenny of any warning signs to ensure I was not over doing things in my eagerness to recover

I now enjoy a full recovery from my shoulder injury and can take part once more in playing golf and swimming regularly- which in the painful days immediately after my injury seemed like an unattainable dream. Jenny’s treatment made me reach that dream. I am so grateful to be back to a normal range of shoulder movements especially as I am well past the spring chicken stage of life!

Sue Goulding
May 2015



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