Zoe Davis

Running is back to being fun again rather than a slog against myself

Zoe-Davis500I had been running at the gym for a while and I wanted to start running a bit further outdoors. I had done the occasional 5k, but wanted to see how far I could push myself, and started running trails and 10ks. However, that was when the pain started in my hip, and after hobbling across the finish line at the Elmbridge 10K, I knew I had to do something. I could barely walk and this searing pain deep inside my right hip made it impossible for me to enjoy running any more as the pain started almost as soon as I started jogging.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would be able to help. I thought I would have to give up running – I was worried that was going to be the first thing I was told, but it was quite the opposite. I also wondered if it would be worth the money and if I should have just gone to the doctor, but it was absolutely worth every penny.

Jenny is wonderful and easy to get along with. She put me at ease from my first session and assessed the problem and made me feel confident I would be able to run without pain. I felt her assessment was very thorough and when I left I had some exercises to do. I noticed every week slight improvements, and Jenny was able to guide me through more demanding exercises each session. I never felt confused, and left with examples to work from. She made sure I knew the right ‘feeling’ so I could continue the work at home and do the techniques right. I was almost sad to have my last session with Jenny last week, but I was finally free from pain and could run again.

I can run again. It’s back to being fun rather than a slog against myself. I was at a point where I could not imagine what it would feel like to be without the pain, but now it’s gone. You do have to work hard as well, it’s not just a massage and off you go, Jenny improves your form to make you better for the long term. I feel stronger and more confident and am looking forward to the summer and my first half marathon. It’s not an overnight fix, you have to train yourself to move differently, but when it all starts to go right there’s nothing better than that feeling. Thank you Jenny for being amazing!

Zoe Davis




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