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“Help! I am in pain, it hurts to move, I can’t get a decent night’s sleep and I don’t know what to do to ease it”

Where you are at right now

You either have a very recent onset of pain or it has been there for a couple of weeks and its not really getting much easier. It may be due to a sports injury or accident, or came on after lifting or twisting awkwardly or you may have just woken up with it!

What your issues tend to be

You are struggling with pain, or moving around, finding a comfortable position is difficult, despite taking pain relief. The pain may be a constant ache or only ease for a brief period of time. Or it may feel like severe muscle spasms if you move in certain positions. You are not sure what is causing it and you may even be worrying it may be something serious. You are not sure if you should be resting or keeping moving.

What you need help with right now

Firstly, you need some help to ease the pain right now and advice on which treatment is best for you. You also need to know what has caused your pain, if it is serious or not and possibly why it happened. You want to know what to do next and how you can continue to ease your pain after the session.

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