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‘I have had this pain on and off now for a quite a while now, treatments & exercises I have tried haven’t really sorted it out properly. I feel I need a different approach, to really understand the cause”

Where you are at right now

You have episodes of pain which either have a life of their own or you know what causes the pain to come on so you just avoid those activities. You are not in ‘agony’ but you are fed up with not getting to the bottom of it. You may be beginning to wonder if this is something you will just have to live with.

What your issues tend to be

You have tried some treatments, possibly some exercises and it helps for a while but the pain eventually returns. You are really not sure what to do for the best, which exercises or treatments are the right ones or you may be worrying that you are doing something right now that is making the pain or ‘problem’ worse. You feel stuck in a bit of a cycle of pain. You may be feeling that you now need a different approach or a second opinion.

What you need help with right now

You need to know what is actually causing the pain and understand why it keeps coming back. You need a permanent solution not a quick or temporary fix. You need advice on the next step, whether it is treatment you have not tried before, different or more specific exercises or a referral to a specialist.

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